How to find the best first response pregnancy test brands?

First Response Pregnancy Test is one of the best early pregnancy test brands on the market. It offers the most valid reading compared to other brands, so you do not have to worry about the test results you are going to get if you think you are pregnant. Another best thing about it is that it can detect pregnancy at much lower hormone levels. You just need to wait until you have missed your cycle for a few days to take the test.


When should you do your pregnancy test?

The First Response Pregnancy Test has been proven to detect hCG in levels that are as low as 6.5 mlU/ml. Even if your hCG levels may take longer to rise compared to other women, chances of finding out whether or not you pregnant early enough are high. It is however important to know that there are some cases that the test may not work. Even though it is 99% accurate, this percentage is usually taken into consideration the first day of the missed period. Therefore, its accuracy rating can be estimated to be over 50% six days earlier and increases gradually each day.

However, because of this test’s ability to detect very low levels of hCG, it has a better chance of working early even if it fails to work six days early as expected. It is important to keep testing until you get the result you hoped to get from it. In the event that you are not able to get a positive result on your missed period and the period does not come, you will need to seek consultation from a doctor so that you can get proper advice on what might be happening. You should however not take a negative result from this test seriously until on the day of your missed period.


How to use it?

Many women like this pregnancy test because it is very easy to use. Since it is a digital test, it is very easy to read the results. You will not have any confusion or question concerning what the test results say. If it happens that you are pregnant, you will see the message “Pregnant” displayed on the device, and when you are not pregnant, you will see the words “Not Pregnant” displayed. You won’t experience double lines or faint lines problems as it is with some other tests.

How much does a pregnancy test cost?


Even though this test is among the most expensive pregnancy tests, most women do not care about the price. Its effectiveness when it comes to helping them find out if they are pregnant almost a week earlier is outstanding, and therefore price is not a matter to worry about. Finding out that you are pregnant early enough enables you to have a healthier pregnancy since that certainty will make you start living a much healthier lifestyle that is not going to harm you or the baby that you are carrying. You will start watching out on the foods you eat, the drinks you take as well as exercises you carry out just to make sure that you stay healthier throughout that period.

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